The real power of facility control comes through an effective software tool to institute changes and running analysis on the many divergent data-sets. Latitude FMD was conceived as an easy-to-use dashboard tailored to the effective understanding and management of numerous facilities across the country or even the globe.
Latitude FMD incorporates the most sophisticated analysis, graphing and mapping engines to bring a seamless experience for effective management and reporting on your entire facility profile.
Intuitive interface.
We recognize the value of a software system comes through the ubiquity of its use at your organization. We are confident of the clean and clear interface - Latitude FMD requires no training and supports an unlimited number of users. Using the software is designed to be inviting and engaging. Users can use the system and feel comfortable and confident in what they are doing.
Tailored to the multi-site enterprise.
Every development decision made was dictated by the need to effectively manage hundreds if not
thousands of locations. Users will immediately recognize the fluid back-and-forth between analyzing a region and zeroing into a specific piece of equipment or site. We recognize that any system that requires a user go site-by-site means the system is only good for handling failures and emergencies. Latitude FMD gets ahead
of that by showing a higher view and giving you pertinent information.
Management by equipment type.
Seeing the whole facility is only half the battle. You want to be able to effectively monitor and compare like equipment ? understanding how your HVAC equipment is performing location to location or the status of your kitchen equipment. With Latitude FMD you can pinpoint specific pieces of equipment and view that information throughout a map or compiled in comparative graphs. Look at the equipment in real-time and understand the locations that are performing best or struggling.
Focus on savings and energy.
Controlling and monitoring the equipment reduces the use and ensures efficient operation ? but the Atlas FA & Latitude FMD pick up where others stop. Latitude FMD profile the energy load of each piece of equipment and lets you know if real-time the actual health of the equipment. In addition it correlates the monetary value to that use ? so you immediately understand the cost impact of reducing runtime or shutting down unneeded equipment. You are far more empowered in making money-savings decisions and knowing when equipment needs to be replaced.
Flexible licensing options.
Latitude FMD is centrally hosted and beyond a browser requires noadditional software installation on a user?s computer. How it is hosted isup to you ? utilize Powervar?s hosting services or host it yourself. Many options are available.
Real-time analysis.
Knowing a specific temperature at a specific site at a specific moment has limited value. When you log-into the software it takes all the data and compiles and analyzes to give you something at once useful and empowering ? through that engine you are given a place to focus your attention. The analysis is adaptive and tailors to your specific responsibilities and requirements.
Real-time reports.
Summary analysis extends so far ? Latitude FMD also digs deep and provides detailed quality reports for a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of your facilities. Reports are generated and distributed to key personnel for review and discussion. Reports are intended to be management friendly ? distilling complex data into a straightforward presentation that anyone can appreciate and understand.