Small-box retail has always been beset with the challenge of finding an appropriate power management system with fewer "bells and whistles" better suited to the specific requirements to that space. Consideration for product lighting and customer comfort are far more important than any energy savings that may result from compromising either one.

Powervar goes beyond increasing the efficiency of your equipment without compromise to the customer experience. We work proactively to gauge the health of the equipment and active status of lighting through real time electrical load profiles to ensure that the experience is always superior. Increasing customer satisfaction while reducing your electrical & service costs.

The best part of the Powervar solution it is customizable to suit your specific requirements and is compatible with many legacy systems (e.g. Thermostats, Lighting Controls)
Powervar focuses on a whole facility approach to managing your energy.
Designed to reduce your electric consumption
Options for self-monitoring
Decrease power & comfort (E.g. HVAC, Lighting) related service calls by over 50%
Solutions are tailored to your specific requirements with an emphasis of a ROI of 2 years or less
Compatible with POS Systems and Powervar power conditioners & backup
Monitor the electrical kW current of each circuit and piece of equipment to participate in utility incentive programs