High staffing requirements, proper functioning kitchen equipment and positive customer experiences present unique challenges in trimming energy related costs. With Powervar, restaurant operators can save in their energy use and facility management costs without sacrificing customer comfort. Powervar Atlas FA and Latitude FMD allow you to focus on the entire building’s energy profile and facilitate the control and monitoring of all equipment not only HVAC & lighting but all your kitchen equipment, such as exhaust hoods, heat lamps, fryers, coolers and freezers.

Effective monitoring of energy profiles for all of your equipment - know when fans are failing, filters are clogged, or fryers need maintenance
Complete costs analysis and monitor the energy efficiency - know when it's time to purchase or service equipment
Efficiency algorithms to ensure minimal run-time
Protection of valuable, temperature-sensitive inventory
Monitor the electrical kW current of each circuit and piece of equipment to participate in utility incentive programs.