The ability to remotely monitor critical equipment in a fast paced environment is essential in the medical industry. Maintaining proper power and operating environmental variables like temperature and humidity can ensure maximum up-time and accurate test results. Working in conjunction with the Atlas LTand Latitude FMD, technicians can monitor, verify and analyze the data remotely and efficiently. This not only assures proper operation ? but also verifies warranty compliance and compliance to other governing standards. By having a constant, reliable connection, operators eliminate guesswork and any potential inconsistencies and costs associated with technicians recording the information by hand.

Powervar focuses on a whole facility approach to managing your energy.

Analysis and Compliance reports for most lab standards
Remotely monitor Powervar conditioners & backups
Direct inputs for monitoring temperature, humidity or CO2
Easy-to-commission low profile hardware
Options for wireless and wired communications
All data is automatically trended
Backup options for local and remote storage