Operating machinery at optimal performance levels, eliminating shut-downs and proactively maintaining equipment is crucial to any industrial environment. The Atlas FA and Latitude FMD work together to provide comprehensive monitoring on the entire facility allowing peak performance from all machinery, lighting, HVAC and more. From one centralized location, users can manage large complex systems, multiple facilities or numerous smaller pieces of equipment quickly & effectively. This robust system is powerful enough to handle any industrial environment but sensitive enough for your most powerful equipment. Increase your performance levels and profit levels with minimal downtime and a properly functioning facility.

Remote management is just the beginning. All of the data from the facility is stored and constantly analyzed – providing ongoing opportunities for optimization, early detection of diminished performance, notification of degraded batteries, compliance targeting and goal setting. Initial savings come through the remote monitoring but the real power of the system is a result of the constant analysis.

Powervar focuses on a whole facility approach to managing your energy.

Remotely control and manage shut-down of critical equipment
Easily monitor numerous pieces of equipment and multiple sites
Proactive analysis of diminished performance & targeted optimization
Significant service savings through remote monitoring
Easy management of numerous facilities
Monitor the electrical kW current of each circuit and piece of equipment to participate in utility incentive programs