Convenience Stores
With prolonged operating hours, numerous pieces of equipment, high levels of electrical demand per square foot and very tight operating margins, managing the power at a c-store can feel unachievable. Others focus on the traditional approach to energy management e.g. HVAC, lighting and perhaps refrigeration. This level of focus, however, represents less than 50% of the site’s electrical profile, making it problematic, if not impossible, to reach the savings required to justify the installation. Powervar Atlas FA and Latitude FMD tackle it all every piece of equipment consuming electricity is monitored, managed and controlled. Savings through coordination of all this equipment can be unprecedented.

Case Study

The popular catchphrase “keeping the lights on” might be used to indicate that a business is still operational, but it takes on a completely different meaning when it comes to fast-growth businesses that need a continuous supply of quality power to operate. Such is the case with a major national c-store chain with over 1,000 locations. They have aggressively expanded over the past several years – adding over 10% to their total footprint annually.

Know More

Monitor the electrical kW current of each circuit and piece of equipment to participate in utility incentive programs
In coordination with the Latitude FMD software - monitor equipment health - know when compressors are beginning to fail, ballasts are going bad or bulbs are burning out
Remotely control all the equipment - hotdog rollers, ice makers, gas pumps, etc.
Flexible platform that works with currently installed communicating systems