The Atlas FA is our next generation hardware platform that provides flexibility while simultaneously creating an easily commissionable, intuitive interface. The Atlas FA utilizes cutting edge technology to insure your facility to operating as efficiently as possible. Through unique algorithms and an entire framework of input & output options energy costs drop & service calls decrease.
Whole facility monitoring in one box.
The Atlas FA looks at your entire facility - including all of your equipment. Unlike others - we extend beyond HVAC, lighting and refrigeration (Which can account for less than the 50% of the energy use) and look at anything consuming electricity - fuel pumps, vendor supplied equipment (Ice coolers, drink fountains) and much more.
Modular for the right fit.
The Atlas FA scales to your requirements - whether a retailer with minimal equipment or a c-store with numerous types of hardware - the Atlas FA is suitable for your requirements. You only use the modules you need - making it suitable for any application and the right price point.
Compatible with legacy controls.
We know that you might have already installed controls in the past. The Atlas FA enhances the current system and expands the scope of the equipment controlled. Leverage those current investments - the Atlas FA is compatible with many legacy communicating systems.
Big savings.
By monitoring and managing the entire facility energy profile - our customers have saved over 25% in energy costs. This includes facilities with prolonged occupancy schedules such as c-stores or restaurants. Customers also see a significant drop in service related expenses - reducing service calls by 30% or more.
Future proof.
The Atlas FA utilizes top edge technology to reduce hardware obsolescence. The firmware is remotely upgradeable to allow you to constantly capitalize on new features and functions.
Best in class protection and reliability.
Powervar conditioning technology is a core component to the Atlas FA operation. With integrating conditioning you can rest assured that the Atlas FA is always up and available. Our hardware is likewise "hardened" to resist unwanted intrusion and operation in almost any environment.