About Us

With the sole focus on management of power quality and control, Powervar has developed a suite of products unmatched in reliability and distinction. Powervar’s product solutions increase power quality, ensure maximum and efficient equipment operation and manage the facility’s electrical loads.

Powervar’s FMS solutions emphasizes a ‘whole building" approach to the proper management and monitoring of all equipment which draw an electrical load in a facility; like vent hoods, coolers, freezers, HVAC, heat lamps, warming tables, lighting, Point of Sales (POS) systems and other IT equipment. This coupled with Powervar’s UPS solutions ensures maximum uptime, increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

Powervar works closely with each customer to develop a comprehensive and tailored solution to guarantee long-term success, while acknowledging the need for short-term return on investment. Powervar’s suite of hardware, software and services ensure each customer can be confident of maximum savings and ongoing efficiencies over the lifespan of the project.

Powervar is a global provider of power management and facility automation solutions, headquartered in Waukegan, Illinois, with international sales and service offices in the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Germany. Powervar is the first choice in power protection and energy management. Every piece of electronic equipment in the world works better and more dependably when it’s protected from spikes, blackouts, electrical noise, common-mode voltage and other power protection challenges. That’s why POWERVAR builds power solutions for virtually every place on earth.